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Gospel Jazz Vs. Smooth Jazz

Posted on March 3, 2010 with 2 comments
What makes Jazz Gospel? What makes Jazz Smooth? Finally can music be both Gospel Jazz and Smooth Jazz at the same time?

Norvell Molex Jr.

March 10, 2010

Gospel Jazz is a musical emotion for a spiritual feeling. It can be smooth jazz but I don't thing that musical format can handle the explosive felling or energy that God gives the musician. I will say that jazz to me is a "musical metaphor for what we wish to say and what we can’t say in life. As the melodic tones dance through our ears we inter pit a verbal response for a musical emotion. "


March 3, 2010

My brother, you had to go there, didn't you?
I believe that if the musician truly understands who he is, what his purpose is, the call upon his life, and God's timing, then whatever the conveyance that the Truth is shared in purity, regardless of the title of genre, it's a good thing.

Jazz is described as improvisation based upon a melody or theme.

What makes Jazz Gospel?
First, what is the Gospel? Gospel is "Good News" of Jesus Christ through God's plan inclusive of His death, burial, and resurrection.

Gospel Jazz is the fusion of the "Good News" portrayed through the vehicle of the genre.