Sunday Mornin the single! 

I have been hard at work on my new CD and this will be my best work yet! I have decided to detail the last stages in my journal, my hopes is that you get as excited as I am about its release So lets talk about the new single " Sunday Mornin" the single is due out April 1 2010. This track is the signature sound that I have created combining smooth jazz, gospel jazz with overtones of R&b. The track is produced by Robert "Bamrock" Anderson who is the producer of my first Cd face 2 Face. He has taken his…

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Hey wsup everybody! It's been a while since I last left and entry here but I have a good excuse. I have been hard at work on my next two CD's. Hopefully you will be blessed by the new music that's coming But today I wanted to share with you CD's that I am currently listening to, I get lots of people asking what's in my Cd player so here goes: 1. SEAN JONES "Roots" ( this is gospel Jazz for real, every track just speaks to my soul) 2. MICHAEL BURTON " Sojourn" ( this fellow sax player is just…

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Hey what's up everybody! Get ready for the release of Face 2 Face THE VOCAL SESSIONS. This Cd is the vocal version of the face 2 Face Cd. All the songs that you already love but with vocals. I truly understand the importance of words in music so I went back into the studio, remixed this Cd with some incredible singers. Coming Fall 2006!

Angelo Luster Trio @KGO Cur-A- Thon 

Hey what's up everybody! I have been very busy lately with shows and recording the new Cd, but I just wanted to stop a second and fill you in on an important show we just performed two weeks ago. We ( my trio) perfromed live on air at KGO for their 26th annual Cur- A-Thon for Leukemia. I felt truly blessed to be a part of the event and also thankful for all of the calls from friends, family and listeners during our performance into the radio station to make their pledge. $1.3 million dollars was raised…

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